Discover Curacao


Curacao has so much more to offer than just sun and beaches. But if that is what you came here for, there are plenty of places to choose between. Below is a (small) selection of other amazing places you can see and experience here. We would like to show why we, more or less locals, have come to love this island.

Historical Downtown


Willemstad is the capital of Curacao, and the former capital of the Netherlands Antilles. The city has about 140,000 inhabitants, making it the largest city of the Lower Antilles.
Willemstad is sometimes called "Amsterdam of the Western Hemisphere", due to the "Dutch" architecture . However, the architecture of many characteristic buildings in Willemstad is more of Portuguese than of Dutch origin. It is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List


Explore the city on foot,  in a TukTuk, in a train, with or without a guide ...... there are many possibilities.


Christoffel park and mountain


Christoffel Park is the largest national park of Curacao, a must see destination! In the park you will find a huge variety of flora and fauna. Nature lovers can spot local birds and plants, including species not found elsewhere on the island, such as wild orchids and the Palabrua, the rare barn owl, the Curacao deer and much more.


There are 8 hiking routes, ranging from a leisurely walk, to the more challenging climb to the top of the Christoffelberg (372 meters high, it is advisable to do this early in the morning). Routes with beautiful views take you through scrub, bush, hills and along the rugged northern coast.

The park also organizes special activities including safaris, deer spotting, excursions to caves and guided tours through the park. There are also activities like full moon walks and sunrise safaris. 




It is not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Curacao, but there are many sporting events and opportunities here. The KLM marathon in November is a good example of this, but on a smaller scale, triathlons, running races, swimming events and cycling events are organized regularly. And of course the diving and snorkeling around Curacao are world renouned.


We will be happy to assist you in planning a mountain bike tour, diving course or nice snorkeling excursion. Plenty of opportunities!

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There is always a party happening somewhere on Curacao. Happy hours, sunset celebrations, live performances, North Sea Jazz Curacao, fireworks every week to celebrate that it is Thursday during PundaVibes. You name it, we have it!


We would be happy to help you plan inspirational and memorable moments here on our dushi korsou ......


Boat trip to Klein Curacao


Klein Curacao is a tiny island  located 10 kilometers south of Curacao. In the past, fishermen lived here but today the island is uninhabited.

It is an island with white sandy beaches, crystal clear water and a magnificent coral reef inhabited by dazzling flora and fauna. A paradise for divers, snorkelers and sun lovers.

There are several organizations that offer day trips to Klein Curacao. We are happy to help you arrange a day trip.

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