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LivCuraçao Car Rental
LivCuraçao Car Rental rents hip and colorful Fiats 500 (also convertible and EV), which distinguish themselves from the standard small rental car on Curaçao. These cars are a pleasure to drive and you can experience Curaçao to the fullest, especially with a convertible. Would you prefer a more spacious car? LivCuraçao Car Rental also rents out a number of super cool and luxurious SUVs (Jeep Renegade and Citroën C5 Aircross). You can also experience Curaçao in a special way while driving with these types of cars. The cars are young, clean and well maintained. You are always fully insured (with very extensive coverage) and they deliver the rental car free of charge to the country house and pick it up there. And of course they will give you plenty of tips about fun and special places on the island that you can visit by car. The prices* are per car per day and on request. You will receive confirmation within 24 hours when it is possible to rent the car. Prices do not include deposit (USD 750 or USD 150 for USD 6 per day extra). *Prices may change based on exchange rates
Diving with Rebel Diving
The ultimate destination for exciting diving courses and guided dives. Led by our experienced instructor, Daan, and a team of passionate professionals, Rebel offers a unique blend of diving expertise and in-depth knowledge of marine biology and ecology. Immerse yourself in unforgettable underwater experiences where you can explore the wonders of the ocean while learning about its delicate ecosystem. Prices for the dives may differ based on the exchange rate and are only possible on request. You will receive confirmation of the dive within 24 hours.
Caribbean Chef - Helmi Smeulders
Helmi is leading a culinary revolution by breaking down age-old recipes and applying new techniques. Combined with the strong belief in the quality of fresh and locally grown products, Caribbean cuisine is evolving from comfort to culinary, from traditional to modern.
Welcome package
After a whole day of traveling, we can imagine that it is not nice to have to go out in the evening to get the first groceries. That is why we can ensure that when you arrive, there are already some groceries at home.<br><br>You can choose from two types of welcome packages, with and without alcohol:<br><br>With alcohol at €45.00 for 2 people:<br>- 1 bottle of white wine<br>- 6-pack Amstel Bright<br>- 2 cans of Coca-Cola<br>- Pretzels<br>- Peanuts<br>- Potato chips<br><br>Without alcohol at €25.00 for 2 people:<br>- 4 cans of Coca-Cola<br>- 2 cans of Sprite<br>- Pretzels<br>- Peanuts<br>- Potato chips
Laundry service
Do you stay on the island a little longer or do you like to go home with clean clothes?<br><br>For a small fee of €5.00 per wash, your laundry will be washed, dried and folded. Of course, your laundry will be neatly returned to your apartment.*<br><br>Please let the Landhuis Bona Vista team know and we will ensure that it is arranged!<br><br><br>*Only applicable to guests staying at Landhuis Bona Vista.
Klein Curaçao - Powerboat Caribbean
The super fast Powerboats can be compared to a roller coaster on the water. An adrenaline experience you will never forget!<br><br>You fly over the water at high speed, but of course safety is their priority. The tours are suitable for children from the age of 6, less suitable (strongly not recommended) for people with back, neck and other complaints. Unfortunately, pregnant women are also not allowed. <br><br>Because the Powerboats sail super fast, you have almost no chance of seasickness. <br>This is because the boat does not rock / roll, but tears over the water at a speed of up to 80 kilometers per hour.<br><br>They focus on small groups makes a day with them feel like a day out with friends. Not a mass experience but a unique, local experience with captain and crew who are genuinely interested in you as a customer. <br><br>Are you ready for the best day of your holiday?
Klein Curaçao - Mermaid Boat Trips
The Mermaid is the only one with a real beach house on Klein Curaçao. With a covered patio with picnic tables and chilled drinks you can sit out of the sun. The toilets are neat and well maintained. The Mermaid offers all the facilities you need for an unforgettable day at the beach.<br><br>Klein Curaçao has a lot to offer for snorkelers and divers. Coral formations, a vertical slope and several underwater caves. The Mermaid and her crew offer morning and afternoon dives. From a dinghy, divers can explore the northern and southern tip of the island.<br><br>​At noon an excellent buffet awaits you where you can indulge in perfectly prepared chicken, spare ribs and burgers, salads and fruit. There is beer, wine, juices and soft drinks (alcoholic drinks for a small fee).<br><br>The trip to Klein Curaçao costs $130 (€120/fl.230) per person (children 0-3 years free, 4-12 years is 50%). Upon confirmation, a 20% deposit must be paid and the remaining 80% must be paid in cash at the boat.
Curaçao Activities
Curaçao Activities is the local expert for tours & activities on the island. With over 12 years of experience, they offer a wide selection of top tours, curated to give you an unforgettable experience during your vacation. Whether it concerns active, cultural or water activities: it is all possible at Curaçao Activities!<br><br>Various tours can be booked at Landhuis Bona Vista.
Landhuis Chobolobo
A visit to the Curacao Liqueur Distillery at Landhuis Chobolobo is a journey through local history. Come by and learn about the production process of the world famous Curacao Liqueur. Enjoy the taste as it has been produced since 1896.<br><br>Standard Tour<br>Duration: 45 - 60 min.<br><br>Includes 1 cocktail or 1 non-alcoholic drink. Children up to 12 years old can enter for free. Start time: 15 minutes before the tour starts. Please note that we are only allowed to serve alcoholic drinks to adults (18+).<br><br>Deluxe Tour<br>Duration: 45 - 60 min.<br><br>Learn all about the history and distillation process of the Blue Curacao Liqueur. Taste the different flavors of our Curaçao Liqueur<br><br>Includes 1 cocktail or 1 non-alcoholic drink. Includes 1 locally made ice cream. Children up to 12 years old can enter for free. Start time: 15 minutes before the tour starts. Please note that we are only allowed to serve alcoholic drinks to adults (18+).<br><br>Cocktail workshop<br>Curacao Liqueur Distillery Tour & Cocktail Workshop<br>Learn all the ins and outs of the Blue Curaçao Liqueur. Taste the different flavors of our Senior Curacao Liqueur<br><br>Including 1 welcome cocktail. Including 2 cocktails during the Cocktail Workshop. Children up to 12 years old can enter for free. Start time: 15 minutes before the tour starts. Please note that we are only allowed to serve alcoholic drinks to adults (18+)